BEV has a Ph. D. in Humanities with subspecialities in psychology and anthropology, and postgraduate work in ethno-psychiatry and psychosynthesis. She is also a non-denominational ordained minister specializing in counseling.

After research experience at Harvard University and teaching experiences at universities and educational institutions in both the United States and Europe, a life-threatening illness redirected her passion toward exploring the relationship between psychology, spirituality and healing. This exploration eventually led to the development of Transformational Expansion as a positive, client-oriented approach to personal and spiritual growth that emphasizes the development of inner guidance, co-creation and personal empowerment.

In private practice since 1992, she also teaches workshops in Transformational and Energetic Psychology and Soul Communication at University of Wisconsin Madison, Stevens Point and La Cross as well as other private venues around the upper Mid-West. Using techniques from many different psychotherapeutic modalities as well as her own personal experience, she helps people see their problems and crises as opportunities for adventures in self-transformation.

I have found that virtually every aspect of life is a potential training ground for psycho-spiritual empowerment. In my practice I try to help people understand their life as a series of opportunities for growth and expansion, and to teach them many and varied means of accessing their souls’ infinite knowledge and wisdom in order to become their own best guide and healer.” – Beverly Crane



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  1. I was fortunate enough to read a rough draft of your book, “At Play in Fields of the Lord,” several years ago. Absolutely wonderful! Your ability to combine technical information, esp relating to quantum physics, with everyday occurences and miracles was spell-binding. I am so pleased that others will now have the opportunity to read it also

  2. janis deluca says:

    Wonderful and meaningful article! I look forward to following your blog.

  3. Patricia Reckrey says:

    The article on intuition vs feeling was very interesting to me, Bev.

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