The sun, the moon and the stars have always intrigued me.  The night sky especially, with its magical twinkles and mystical moonlight seems to speak a sacred language all its own.  Nonetheless, the intricacies of astrology and the influence of the moon’s cycles have never drawn my conscious attention.


Until now!

The Moon Rules


In the last few months I have learned first-hand how knowledge of astrological information can be used to help us attain goals and manifest opportunities that would have been difficult or impossible otherwise.


It all started last year when a friend suggested that I use my blogs from the past six years as a foundation for a larger work.  When I thought about it, I realized that many of my blogs addressed similar themes and it was intriguing to think of organizing them into sections addressing similar topics, then writing additional information to close gaps and link sections together in a linear and more comprehensive whole.


I even wrote an introduction and started grouping topics.  Then I stopped.  I don’t know why.  The momentum just wasn’t there anymore.  I’m sure many of you have experienced the same thing when starting or trying to move along on important projects.


Not that this sort of procrastination is unusual.  In fact, I imagine my behavior at this point was more normal, more like most people’s than not.  But it certainly wasn’t getting men anywhere.


Then, in January, I joined a women’s group that focused on learning about the cycles of the moon and how we can use them creatively to better understand our behavior and reactions as well as how to harness the moon’s energy to help us move more easily through life.


In this group, I learned how the waxing and waning of the moon affects our lives and creates cycles where some activities are best done under one condition and others at another time.  We also learned how the position of the planets and sun interact with that of the moon, creating even more information we can use to organize our lives and further enhance our endeavors.  It was all very fascinating.


At one point in the middle of the series, one of our teachers remarked that the position of the moon and the planets in the coming week would be beneficial for writing.  This comment immediately triggered thoughts of my stalled book project.  With that thought came a wave of passion and inner certainty that this was what I had been waiting for, so I reorganized my schedule to clear the next week for writing.


What happened next is truly amazing.  In the next two weeks, I completed the main part of the book.  In the two weeks after that I added three more sections. In a little over a month I wrote a two-hundred and seventy-page book!!  With the help of the moon and knowledge of how her cycles and her relationship to other planets can affect my life, I accomplished an almost impossible task in record time with joy, passion and ease.  During this time writing was never a chore.  I looked forward to each day and each moment working on the project.  But neither did I work to the exclusion of everything else.  I still had plenty of time to spend with my family, walk and play with my dog, see my friends, and work on other artistic pursuits.  All in all, it was the easiest bit of work I have ever done.


The book is called “It’s All About Energy:  Adventures in Expanded Reality”.  It explains why energy reality is so hard for most of us to grasp, and offers tools to make it more accessible.  It describes the rules that govern the world of energy and how different they are from the usual rules we use to organize our physical reality. This knowledge can make life easier and more manageable as well as more magical and miraculous. The goal of this book is to make energy reality available to everyone.


Through this writing experience, I realized that knowledge of the moon and stars is intimately connected to the essence of the book.  The positions of the sun, moon and planets change every day, and as they change, so too do the energies they emit.  Learning to flow with these energies rather than fight or resist them, is part of allowing energy to serve us.


As astounded as I am over how easy this project was, I really shouldn’t be surprised at all. Learning how to flow with celestial energies is just one more example of how energy awareness can make hard things effortless.


Before I make a decision about how to publish (there are so many options today), I need beta readers, that is readers who will read the manuscript and get back to me with comments, suggestions and constructive criticism.  Although this book is two hundred and seventy pages long, it’s designed for easy reading with chapter lengths ranging from 2 to 7 pages.  I hope the short chapters will encourage readers to take some time for thought and reflection before moving on.


If you would like to be one of these beta-readers, please leave a comment in the comment section below with your email address so I can send you the manuscript (or email me directly – my email address is at the end of the blog).  In return, I ask only that you read it and give some feedback.  I am including the Table of Contents below so that you can gain a better understanding of what the book is about.



Table of Contents

Prologue:  Walking Between the Realms



Chapter 1:  Beginnings

Chapter 2:  Developing an Updated World View

Chapter 3:  New Rules

Chapter 4:  A Different Way of “Seeing”’

Chapter 5:  Energy and Consciousness



Chapter 6:  Sensing Energy

Chapter 7:  Three Kinds of “Feeling”

Chapter 8:  Using Energetic Senses in Making Choices

Chapter 9:  Consciousness and Synchronicity

Chapter 10:  Managing Your Expectations

Chapter 11:  The Secret of Happiness

Chapter 12:  Floating Potentials

Chapter 13:  Change vs Transformation



Chapter 14:  On the Necessity of Duality

Chapter 15:  Darkness and Light

Chapter 16:  The Nature of Evil

Chapter 17:  Karma and The Law of Reaction



Chapter 18:  Energy Stealing

Chapter 19:  The Origin of Vampires

Chapter 20:  Energetic Abuse

Chapter 21:  Protecting Yourself

Chapter 22:  Handling the Energy of Authority

Chapter 23:  Whining with Awareness

Chapter 24:  Everyday Blessings



Chapter 25:  Dare to Love Yourself

Chapter 26:  Loving Yourself 101:  Learn from Your Dog

Chapter 27:  Transforming Your Inner Critic

Chapter 28:  Waves of our Lives

Chapter 29:  The Gift of the Drama Queen



Chapter 30:  Energy Dimension Helpers

Chapter 31:  Getting to Know Your Soul

Chapter 32:  The Language of the Soul

Chapter 33:  How to Recognize Soul Communication

Chapter 34:  The Difference Between Purpose and Passion



Chapter 35:  Creative Expression

Chapter 36:  May You Walk in Beauty

Chapter 37:  Lessons of Physical Creation

Chapter 38:  The Artistry of Limitation



Chapter 39:  Quantum Synergy and Health

Chapter 40:  Body Intelligence

Chapter 41:  The Language of the Body

Chapter 42:  Visualization and Healing

Chapter 43:  The Role of the Emotions

Chapter 44:  Dialoguing with your Body



Chapter 45:  Garden Magic

Chapter 46:  Working with Nature Spirits

Chapter 47:  Soul to the Rescue

Chapter 48:  Sam’s Message

Chapter 49:  Digital SoulSpeak



Chapter 50:  Understanding Political Chaos

Chapter 51:  The Instant Information Revolution

Chapter 52:  Adjusting to Changing Energy

Chapter 53:  A Time for Transformation

Chapter 54:  What Does It Mean to Be Free



Chapter 55:  Integrating the Realms

Chapter 56:  The Myth of Spiritual Perfection

Chapter 57:  Entering the Flow



Visualization 1:  Running Energy

Visualization 2:  Entering the Energy Dimension



Happy Reading!










11 Responses to The Moon Rules

  1. Marta says:

    Hi Bev! I would love to read your book it looks like a great guide on how to learn the energy language. If it was published I would alredy buy it.

  2. Jane Marx says:

    Sounds fascinating! I would be interested in doing this. We met at Tammie Jo’s retreat at her home earlier this year.

  3. Tammie Jo says:

    I would love to be a beta reafer!

  4. Hello dear Master, I love to have your book, do send me the manuscript of book to my email. Thanks n big Love..

  5. Stephanie Bowden says:

    I would also Love to read the book and share with you my whatevers about it. I to have been playing with St. Germain and Kuthumi for Many Many years, Living in the Energy Exploration Experience.
    Much support to you.

  6. Danuse Mitchell says:

    Sounds great , I’d like to read it… be your beta reader …

  7. Danuse Mitchell says:

    or buy it when ready … :-) <3

  8. Kellye says:

    I’d love to be one of your Beta Readers. I need a summer reading list and this sort of genre/subject is quite new and intriguing to me.

    Anyways, thanks for your consideration :)

  9. Mercedes Serrano says:

    Hola me ha llamado tu libro y me gustaría leerlo, muchas gracias

  10. jackie says:

    Would love to be one of your beta readers.

  11. Sha Dhar says:

    Looks like a great project. I feel attracted to it. Let me know if you still need beta-readers… if not please send me a notification about where to buy it, when it’s finally published. Thanks! And good luck!!

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