The election just past left many of us reeling, feeling like the sky had just fallen in. Under circumstances like this there is a very real tendency to give up and bury your head in the sand. But there is much to be noticed and appreciated in what just happened.  It also offers a clear path forward. fullsizerender


The Earth is undergoing a huge shift in consciousness at this time.  When consciousness changes, we struggle to find new paradigms and thought patterns that have never been in place before.  It is not an easy process and involves much chaos and the uncovering of shadow parts of the collective psyche.


The choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump symbolizes this change in many ways that are obvious:  feminine vs masculine, uniting vs dividing, inclusive vs exclusive, peaceful vs angry, truth vs deceit, and so on.  But notice that all these differences are still dualistic.  We are still struggling with judgment and righteousness. We are still thinking in terms of heroes and villains.


When consciousness is striving to birth a new paradigm, it must confront head on that which it’s trying to overcome. The one thing Trump represents more than anything else is competition and the dualistic notion of win-lose. In fact, for him, win-lose is a game he absolutely delights in playing. Winning justifies whatever methods he needs to use.


Not so coincidentally, even his name points this out.  The word “trump” as a noun means something used to gain advantage.  As a verb, “trump” means to beat someone by saying or doing something that gains advantage.  Trump prides himself in winning, and has often reminded us that there is nothing worse than a loser.


For all her decent, competent and well qualified characteristics, Hillary was playing the game as well.  Her campaign was a hard-fought competition.  In fact, her campaign was truly vicious at times.  Obama won because he inspired.  Hillary lost because she attacked.  I’m sure she (and most of her supporters) justified this tactic because the stakes were so high, because the presidency of Donald Trump was so inconceivable.  However, our collective consciousness needs to move beyond this win-lose paradigm.  If she had won we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to question how she won, and whether win-lose tactics serve us anymore.


The whole idea of win-lose comes from our entanglement in the physical world.  In the 3D realm, there seems to be only so many resources.  If you have more, I have less and vice versa.  In order to survive, we think we have to play the win-lose game.  It is a survival instinct, and we’ve been playing like this ever since humans have been on the planet.


We are now at the point in our consciousness evolution where we are beginning to see beyond that limited view of things.  Even though physical resources seem limited and finite, energy is infinite and available to all, anytime, anywhere.  There is no need to hoard resources by cheating or deceiving people, or grab power (energy) by belittling or insulting others. There does not have to be winning and losing.  Today we are beginning to realize that win-lose is obsolete and we can choose only win-win situations for ourselves.


We see this happening around the globe in many different ways.  More and more groups, companies and individuals are choosing collaboration over competition. Individuals are realizing that anger and resentment eats one from the inside, eventually causing both psychological and physical problems. Others are finding out how liberating forgiveness can be.


Why is this happening?  It is happening because people are noticing that when they collaborate, when they forgive, when they come together in good faith and strive to find a win-win solution for everyone, things turn out much better than they could have under the old paradigm.


It is happening because the internet is providing a virtual realm where resources are unlimited.  Spatial and temporal limitations fade away when we are able to communicate with anyone, anywhere at anytime.  The global reach of our computers brings us potential resources from all over the world.


In addition, collaboration really is FUN!  Competition is fear-based. When we release that fear-based paradigm we remove energy barriers like the need for power, stockpiling resources and lack of trust.  We move out of a survival mode into a creative mode.  Being open to diverse ideas and opinions reveals possibilities we hadn’t seen before.  All of a sudden, the sky’s the limit.


Collaboration also means less work for everyone.  When groups are collaborative and inclusive, they attract people who are passionate, and for whom pursuing their passion is a joy.  Many willing hands not only lighten the load, but provide a wonderful sense of community. When a community is harmonious and cohesive, it is able to function at an extremely high level.


My hope for the Trump administration is that it shows the world in dramatic fashion just how outdated the win-lose model is.  We can see it happening already in the dysfunction of the transition team.  When people compete for jobs and are distrustful of one another, things don’t go well.  When insults are passed around freely, competent people stay away.  It is messy but it is necessary, and the whole world will be watching.


In order to move on from here, we as individuals will play an important role.  In our everyday life we must strive to be aware of those times when it is tempting to revert to win-lose thinking.  We must resist the temptation to “fight” in a way that would make someone else the loser.  We must strive for, and practice collaboration whenever and wherever we can.  We must have compassion for those who do not think like we do and be careful not to vilify those we disagree with.


We must also have compassion for ourselves.  We are human after all, and all of us will experience anger, resentment and bitterness when we see cruelty, bullying and needless suffering. But it is possible to feel and respect our emotions yet still be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.


Internal change always comes before external change. It takes only a small fraction of humans who have changed their consciousness to offer an energetic blueprint for the rest of the planet.  Remember that all humans want the same things, a safe place to live and the freedom to achieve their highest potential.


Most people still think they can achieve these goals with the win-lose formula.  But human consciousness is ready for a different path.  It is up to us to lead the way.




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