While we’re all familiar with our five physical senses, we’re also born with the ability to sense energy.  Often called the “Sixth Sense” and equated with intuition, this sense is really multiple senses that help us gather information from the realm of energy, just like our physical senses gather information from the physical world.  Developing your energy senses gives you a whole extra dimension from which to gather information, a dimension full of the mystical, magical and mysterious.

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Like our physical senses, (touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste) we all have the potential to sense energy even though many of us are not aware of it or are only now beginning to notice the energy around us.  Because these abilities have generally not been acknowledged, and have even been disparaged in our culture, we quickly learn to hide, disown or deny them so that they most often remain dormant and undeveloped as we grow into adulthood.

When Einstein first stated that the universe was composed of energy rather than matter, the idea seemed almost inconceivable.  Today, more than one hundred years since then, many people are beginning to acknowledge that human beings have energy fields and these fields interact with each other and give off information.

For example, most people today can feel the tension in a room where people have been in conflict, even if no words are spoken.  People no longer feel uncomfortable describing the energy of an event or place as “creepy” or “exhilarating” even though there may be no overtly logical or physical reason to describe it that way.

But in order to really cultivate and develop our energy senses, we must first acknowledge the realm from which they come.  Most people agree that Einstein added a fourth dimension (time) to the three spacial dimensions. But what is less generally understood is that his work implied yet a fifth dimension, a dimension of energy.

Once you become aware of this fifth dimension and the fact that it exists side by side with the other four, confusion often sets in because we automatically expect that this dimension is governed by the same rules as the other four.  This is not the case (see New Rules, June 16, 2012).  The energy dimension operates in a completely different way than what we are used to.   Familiarizing yourself with these rules will make developing your energy senses much easier and less confusing.

We also expect that we should be able to explore the energy world with our five physical senses.  This is also not possible.  Energy senses are different than physical senses even though most of them have physical analogies which help us understand them better.

There are four main energy senses, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and what I call claircognizance, or “knowing”.

Clairsentience is the energy sense that is most easily developed and the one that most people have already experienced.  The ability to feel the hostility in a room is the early awakening of this sense.  Clairsentience is the ability to feel energy, not just in your surroundings, but also the energy of other people, pets, trees, plants and even inanimate objects.  It depends on your ability to connect deeply with people or things around you, that is, connect on an energy or quantum level by aligning your energy with that of others.

Connecting this way is easier if you first concentrate your own energy in your heart area until your chest grows warm and you feel the energy of compassion and gratitude spill out and seek to connect with everything around you.

Clairsentience is also the ability to feel energy information either with the hands, or sometimes with other parts of the body.  A clairsentient healer will often feel a client’s pain before the client describes it, or sometimes before the client is even aware of it.  This clairsentient feeling can take the form of feeling the same form of pain in the same part of the body, for example, a stomach or headache which starts when the client enters the room and stops when he/she leaves.  Or it can take the form of feeling the energy of the pain without really experiencing the pain personally.  Feeling energy with the hands is not usually as dramatic and often results in feelings of tingling, warmth and movement.

The ability to perceive or see energy visually is called clairvoyance.  It describes both the ability to see energy fields around people or objects with your physical eyes, as well as the ability to see distant or future happenings or important information with an “inner” or third eye.

This ability can take place in 3D reality with some people, but also in one’s imagination.  In other words, it is often possible gather information by closing your eyes and letting energy come together and form images in your imagination.

It is also possible to “feel” into the future with clairsentience.  When you project yourself into a future event you can often feel the event taking place.  If you feel a void instead, it tells you that the probability of the event happening in not good.  While this kind of feeling into the future is still called clairvoyance it is really a clairsentient ability.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear energy vibration in the form of voices or tones that convey information.   In its most subtle forms, clairaudience is often mistaken for simply talking to ourselves.  Clairaudience can also come straight from the energy dimension in the form of important tones, sounds, words, phrases or whole paragraphs of information.  These less subtle forms can often be dramatic and sometimes involve sounds with unmistakable emotional information.

Clairaudience sometimes seems like a voice in your head, or your own voice, but in other cases people actually sense a voice outside of themselves right next to their ears.

Often, one or more of these abilities are combined.  For example, while sensing energy with the hands, a body worker may then receive spontaneous images relating to the kind of energy the hands are feeling and sometimes even the origin.  She may at the same time also hear information in some form that further helps pinpoint the problem.

There is also a fourth kind of energy sensing which, for want of a better word, is simply called “knowing” or claircognizance.   “Knowing” seems to be a very well developed form of intuition that goes beyond just sensing energy.  It seems almost like there is a direct pipeline to infinite truth or wisdom that suddenly makes itself known.  It can appear because the other three senses are well developed and thus can perhaps be understood as an instant combination of all three to produce a whole.  Or it can exist in individuals who have not developed the other three abilities at all, and then becomes the sole way of gathering energetic information.

Claircognizance happens when something pops into your head that you know to be absolutely true even though you have no logical way of proving it, and even every logical reason to doubt the information you are getting.  “Knowing” has a certain energy of its own that is instantly recognizable and causes you to trust the information completely.

The first step in awakening your energy senses is to begin to experience your everyday world as a world filled with energy.  The more aware you are of the reality of the energy fields of all things around you, the more you are likely to feel connected to that energy.  And the more connected you are, the more you stimulate your energy senses.

The second step is to learn how to pull your own energy back to you and ground it.  (The free meditation offered with a subscription to this blog will help you do this).  Grounding your energy provides an anchor that helps structure energetic information into a form that we can access and understand.  Without grounding our personal energy field is usually too distracted and scattered to be able to connect to the other energies around it.

The third step is to be aware of, and take seriously the subtle energy information you are being bombarded with at all times.  Compared to the physical stimuli we are used to, energy information often seems ephemeral, that is, too subtle to be taken seriously.  Ironically, energetic information is usually much more reliable than physical information.  Our eyes and ears can be fooled, but our energy senses are usually never wrong.

Awakening your energy senses takes practice and commitment.  Although some people are obviously more talented than others, everyone has the ability to develop at least some of these skills. I liken it to learning to play the piano.  Some people are born with a clear talent and can sit down and play as a small child without the help of a teacher.  Some people teach themselves just because of interest.  Others bloom when the proper teacher appears and go on to become great pianists.  But with direction, practice and commitment, anyone can learn to play even though they may never be a concert pianist.

Open yourself to the magic of the energy dimension and see what happens.


(Full disclosure – This blog is a reworking of an earlier blog call “Awakening your Energy Senses”, published in November of 2012






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  1. Patricia says:

    So interesting. My own experience is that subtle energy between people plays a significant role in either satisfying or dissatisfying interactions. The less “clogged up ” my own energy field( by my need to prove something, share something, get something) the more easily I communicate/ connect with the other. Thanks, Bev.

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