Mandalas are sacred symbols of harmony and Divine connection. Meditating on them can calm the emotions and help achieve energetic coherence. In this time of intense change and disruption, creating your own personal mandalas can be an even greater source of serenity, pleasure and joy. IMG_1337


I know. You don’t see yourself as an artist, and probably don’t consider yourself creative. But we are all creative, and given the right tools your creativity can unleash itself in short order. The tools I’m talking about are right in your pocket or purse, in the form of your smart phone or ipad.


Why mandalas?


Mandalas are composed of repeated patterns around a central point. The circular or square shape that encases the patterns symbolizes unity and balance. The repeat patterns evoke emotional responses to their symmetry and coherence. An overall sense of harmony flows energetically from the image to your core being, magically dispelling outer chaos and inner anxiety. Meditating on mandalas can have many benefits.


IMG_1090  Meditating on a mandala you have created is even more    beneficial, first because it is personal and can be imbued with images and symbols of particular personal meaning. Secondly, it brings forth the passion of the Soul through the act of creation, bestowing deep satisfaction and joy. For me personally, allowing myself the gift of creation during times of stress and anxiety is literally life saving.


I created the mandalas you see here using two inexpensive smart phone apps called PhotoMirror and Circular. PhotoMirror creates reflected images, and Circular swirls the image around a central point and then allows you to repeat the pattern as many times as you want. Sometimes I create only with Circular, and other times I use PhotoMirror first and then finish the image with Circular. The possibilities are so endless that I often forget how I got where I ended up and have trouble recreating the work-flow. You stop when the image speaks to you, and the creative being inside you rejoices at the result.


So give yourself with the joy of creation in this sacred time of giving. Simple photos with lots of color are the best candidates. Pull out your phone or ipad and start creating. IMG_1328


You can see more examples along with the original images on my iPhone photography Facebook page


Many blessings to you all this holiday season.


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