Welcome to the Multi-dimensional Living blog. My name is Bev Crane and I am the creator of Transformational Expansion. In this blog I will share with you what it is like to see the world multi-dimensionally, that is, by simultaneously being aware of the physical dimension and the energy dimension existing side by side in everyday reality.

As a child I was always called “sensitive”, which greatly puzzled me. I was not allergic to anything, and did not object to being touched or hugged, so why was I “sensitive”, and to what?
But I did have what seemed to be unusual experiences (at least that’s what adults told me) in that I often seemed to know what others were thinking without any verbal communication and I could get dogs to do amazing things.

It took me many years to finally figure out that I was sensitive to something most people don’t recognize, but which nonetheless affects us all. I was sensitive to the subtle energy that emanates from all living things and connects us all. It was this connection that allowed me do the apparently strange things that could not be explained by physical laws of cause and effect, because the laws of energy are very different from those of matter.

Ever since that realization, I have been exploring this fascinating world of subtle energy, and, after many years of pursuing this objective, I can now say that I really do see the world multi-dimensionally. I understand that we humans have two separate creative tools at our disposal, matter AND energy, each with its own set of rules and individual characteristics. Learning how to work with energy as well as matter, and to understand reality as an interplay between each of these dimensions gives me a whole different perception of reality, what I call a “transformational” world-view.

But even after these many years of learning, I feel I have only just begun the process. I am just on the threshold looking out over a vast sea of potential and possibility. Seeing through the eyes of energy offers new insights every day, going in many directions I had never considered before.

However, energy sensibility is not unique to me. It is accessible to everyone. It is much like playing the piano. Some people are born knowing how to do it. Some people take lessons and become very proficient. But everybody can learn to play the piano reasonably well with guidance and a commitment to practice. By subscribing to this blog you can download the free introductory guided imagery, get started on your own adventure, and then share your journey through this forum. It’s only through putting all of our discoveries together that we will begin to really understand what we have before us. We are like the seven blind men examining the elephant – each discovery is an important part of the whole.

So in this blog I hope to share my exploration and discovery of this new perception of reality, and also invite you to join me, sharing your experiences as well. I do this in the hope that it may offer the same understanding, comfort and sense of optimism for you as it does for me. In these times when so many things seem unsettled and chaotic, a transformational world-view is indeed a gift.


2 Responses to Getting Started

  1. JoAnn Welling says:

    I’m looking forward to the experience

  2. Bev says:

    Thank you so much. I am honored.

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