Synergy is a state of group energy that is both magical and seemingly miraculous.  When groups flow in synergy, work seems effortless, help appears out of nowhere, and creativity abounds.  Synergy means diverse individuals working in harmony, synchronizing energy into one coherent flow of creation.  True synergy is rare and illusive, but once we experience it, we are amazed.  Thereafter, we know it, never forget it, and long to be able to reproduce it.  


Wouldn’t it be great if we could create synergy whenever we wanted instead of always seeming to happen upon it accidentally?  But sadly, synergy is not a science.  It can’t be manufactured by knowledge, discipline and will.  It can’t be forced or put into a formula because it depends on the individual energy and the conscious and unconscious choices of each member of a group.  While we can make choices about our own energy, we can never control or force the energy of another human.


Nonetheless, we can set the stage for synergy by the choices we make. The choices we make will affect the choices others make.  First we can learn how to master own energy field.  Then we can consciously choose to lay aside our own personal agendas in favor of working toward a group goal, and in so doing, we create a safe space for others to do the same.  But this is only the first step.


Although we can never be sure what any group member will choose to do with their energy on any given day or time, there are many other choices we can make that contribute to the creation of an environment that is predisposed to synergy.  Learning how to “paint” with energy can give you the tools to orchestrate group energy and prepare the ground for synergy to bloom.  Synergy is an art and its medium is energy.


Have you experienced synergy?  Share your stories here in the comment section below.  Each story provides valuable nuggets of information for further exploration.  Help me research this wonderful phenomenon by adding your wisdom.


If you would like to explore this illusive subject more thoroughly, I invite you to join me for a day long workshop on March 31st at University of Wisconsin Madison.  You can find more information on my website or call the Office of Continuing Studies at 608 262 2451 for registration.  You can also go on line at more information and online registration.







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